2019 PEI Tech Forum

2019 PEI Technical Forum

The Porcelain Enamel Institute will be hosting this year's Technical Forum, Back-to-Basics, and Suppliers' Mart at the Seelbach Hotel in Louisville, KY from May 7-9, 2019. We are looking forward to a great program, and you can find the final copy here.

The Tech Forum is currently underway! Thank you to everyone that signed up, we hope to see you in Lousiville!

Tech Forum Paper Topics and Guidelines

The Porcelain Enamel Institute, Inc. is seeking papers on topics as listed below for the 81st Technical Forum. This page gives you a lot of information as well as a website form by which to initially submit your paper (title, author and abstract) for consideration by the Tech Forum program planning committee. Below is a listing of the deadline dates for the abstract, final written paper and final PowerPoint presentation - please be mindful of these dates as late entries cannot be included.

Tech Forum Topics and Themes

  1. Substrates and base metals for porcelain enameling
    a. Steel, cast iron, aluminum, etc.
    b. Fabrication of metal parts for P/E coating
  2. Metal preparation and cleaning systems
    a. Washing, blasting, chemical cleaning, etc.
    b. Measuring cleanliness
    c. Case studies
  3. Testing and characterization
    a. Colors an finish trends
    b. Automation in quality control
    c. Property measurements, particle size, rheology, etc.
    d. Defect analysis and sample preparation
  4. Wet enamels and processing
    a. Applicatino equipment, spray, flow-coat, etc.
    b. Enamel slip delivery systems
    c. Special enamels and applications
    d. RTU enamels
  5. Electrostatic dry powder enamels and equipment
    a. New process technologies
    b. Quick color change booths
    c. Improved powder enamel materials
  6. Drying, firing, and furnaces
    a. Furnace types and design
    b. Energy efficiencies in drying and firing
    c. Automation in firing processes
  7. Environmental, health and safety
    a. New silica rule - implementation and compliance
    b. EPS, OSHA, TSCA, etc.
  8. Laboratory investigations and new materials/processes
    a. New testing, materials and processes
    b. New products and markets
  9. Other topics of interest to the P/E industry

Deadlines and Important Dates

Title, author and abstract submission deadline - October 7, 2018

Complete papers submitted to PEI - March 1, 2019

Final PowerPoint slides submitted to PEI - April 19, 2019

Title, Author and Abstract Submissions

By the October 7, 2018 deadline please submit the title, author (or authors) and a brief abstract of your paper for consideration by the committee for inclusion in the 81st Technical Forum. Please complete the form at this link and follow instructions to submit the form.

Complete Work Instructions

All papers must be received by the March 1, 2019 deadline to be properly included in the Tech Forum Proceedings Book.

  • The text should provide a clear description of the aims, methods, and results of the study. Concluding remarks and acknowledgements may be given at the end. Emphasis should be on the results of the study. A list of references must be reported.
  • The written texts must be submitted as a .doc or .docx file to Stewart Hackler.
  • Please name the complete work file as follows: first author's surname.extension (ex.: Smith.doc or Smith.docx).
  • The maximum length of the complete work is six pages letter size including figures, tables and references.

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