Publication Guidelines


Publication Guidelines


PEI - Technical Forum

PEI has published the proceedings from every Technical Forum since our first meeting in 1936.

There are numerous individuals and institutions (including Technical Forum attendees) that receive this special PEI issue. Important factors for this publication include: 1) a fall publication deadline and 2) a need for articles of high quality. In order to meet the needs of the PEI meeting attendees in both timeliness and content quality, the following guidelines must be followed.


Presenters who would like to be published in the proceedings may submit either 1) a full paper or 2) a summary paper of their presentation. Abstracts and slide presentations only (i.e. Power Point) will not be accepted.

1)     Full Paper:  Manuscripts may not exceed 15 pages in length, including any figures such as photos, tables, graphs, and illustrations.


2)     Summary Paper: At a minimum, please submit a 500-1000 word summary (an extended abstract) of your presentation. If you submit a summary, you may also include up to 16 figures that are illustrative in nature and help support the text portion of your paper. These figures must have captions included.

IMPORTANT: Both a hardcopy and an electronic file (i.e., MS Word document, MS PowerPoint with extended abstract) of your paper should be sent to the PEI office by April 29, 2016.

Your adherence to these guidelines is appreciated. Failure to follow these instructions could result in your paper being excluded from this important publication.

PEI Proceedings Editor:
Charles Baldwin
R & D Manager
Ferro Corporation
Phone: (216) 875-6204

PEI Office:
Cullen Hackler
Executive Vice President
Porcelain Enamel Institute
Phone: (770) 676-9366
Fax: (770) 409-7280