Technical Manuals CD-ROM

Technical Manuals CD-ROM

Technical Manual

The PEI Technical Manual of Porcelain Enameling is now available on CD ROM as a fully searchable, printable Adobe® Acrobat® document. The universal Acrobat Reader software is included on the CD in case it is not already installed on your hard drive.


No more fumbling through the 5-inch binder to find tables-of-contents. You can now search individual chapters or the whole manual for topics, words or phrases with a few keystrokes.  

This 19-chapter volume covers all aspects of porcelain enameling, and is the only work of its kind available in the world today. (See Publications on the homepage for a list of the individual chapters.)  

The price of the CD is the same as the printed volume (see Publications). However, a 50% discount will be extended to current owners of the bound volume.

Order yours today using the form available on the Publications page, or contact us directly at:  

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